Introduction to Coaching Skills

a gamification solution to embed behaviour change

Introduction to Coaching Skills

A new approach to learning and practising coaching skills has arrived!

This gamification platform is a fun way to learn coaching skills and create behaviour change to begin using those skills in coaching conversations.

Available to organisations as a group training initiative to learn in an accessible way where people can choose the time that suits them best - anyone - anywhere - anytime!

Bringing coaching skills training to you: a new gamified simulation platform to learn coaching skills and initiate them in a safe environment where mistakes can actually enhance your learning!

Skills are practised through 10 modules packed full with a variety of minigames. These are engaging, interactive and fun and can be repeated time after time. Wrong answers are fed back with explanations to help with the understanding and it is only after achieving enough points that you will unlock the next level.

Behaviour change is through practice. Life-like avatars with real life voices present three different workplace scenarios for you to test out your new skills in this safe environment. You can repeat these as much as you like and you are free to explore the different choices and the rationale behind each conversation pathway.

Develop coaching skills

Choose when you participate in these learning games to fit in with your schedule

Learn anywhere - available on tablet and desktop

Practise, practise, practise as many times as you like (up to a year)

Fun way of learning

No travelling

Scalability - accessible anywhere at anytime

Delivering foundational coaching skills training throughout teams or company-wide initiating a culture change

Employees engaged in learning

Access for 12 months 

Cost effective to deploy

No days out of the office

What you learn

This programme will introduce you to the fundamentals of coaching, including four core coaching skills: listening, questioning, reflecting, and summarising. You will learn these skills through interactive minigames, which you access through the ICS skills app on your mobile device. You will then try out your skills through simulated coaching scenarios, with three different avatars, which you access through your desktop browser.


Who is this suitable for?

Coaching skills are useful to anyone, and in all areas of life. This is a programme that is not exclusive to any particular team, profession or industry.

The Introduction to Coaching Skills programme is for people who would like to bring a coaching style to some of their conversations. This means developing your listening, asking open questions and enabling others to find their own answers. This all supports:

  • building blocks of trust 
  • improved communications
  • increased motivation
  • a more inclusive culture
  • greater awareness

As this is delivered on tablet and desktop, teams can be anywhere over the globe!

Is there a demo available for us to try?

If you would like to view the platform to see if it is right for your organisation, please speak with us. You can also view the ICS video [coming soon] which showcases both the skills games and the behaviour simulation scenarios.

We would love to discuss your individual requirements with you.

Can we customise the training?

This is a foundation-level programme and designed to be applicable to general coaching conversations. It is not currently customisable.

Is the platform available in other languages?

The Introduction to Coaching Skills is in English only.

If English is not your first language it does allow for repetition as many times as you like and because you are completing this individually without the watchful eye of others, you are free to make and learn from mistakes.

I want to do this myself, not as part of a group purchase. Is this available to me individually?

At the moment this is only available to organisations BUT watch this space!

What is the cost?

This will be individually tailored to the number of users required. We will be pleased to discuss rates with you.

How long does it take to complete?

As a guide this programme is expected to take three hours to complete.

However, it is recommended to break this up into chunks and to spread the learning out. Remember, mistakes are learning so exploring different answers will provide you with more insight as to what the correct answer should be.

Repetition is part of embedding behaviour change so it is also recommended that this is played through several times.

Are there any minimum or maximum numbers?

There are no minimum or maximum number of users given it’s a solo, self-directed experience.

Are there any technical requirements to make it available in our company?

Users need a stable internet connect and access to a laptop and mobile phone. Detailed specifications can be viewed at  on the Attensi webpage.

What is the process to buy this into our organisation?

Our team members are on hand ready to discuss your requirements.

Contact us:

Email at

Complete an enquiry form

Book an appointment for a Zoom call

Once an agreement is in place we will need a list of all participants who will be given secure access to the platform for 12 months.

Will the participants receive a qualification or certificate to evidence their learning?

Yes they will! A Certificate of completion will be emailed to the participant on full completion.

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