The Coaching Solopreneur™

Exclusive Alumni Discount

Looking to build your coaching business?

If you are you looking for more understanding of what running a typical coaching practice entails and wish to gain support for how you might move into doing this work in a way that suits your intentions, needs and purpose for having the business then come and join The Coaching Solopreneur: How to build a coaching business with sustainable foundations to support you in building your business.

We are delighted to offer you a £50 discount when you purchase, simply by adding the code SOLOPRENEUR50 in your shopping basket.*

* To qualify for this discount you need to be a graduate of either the Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, the Professional Practitioner in Executive Coaching, the Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching, the Systemic Team Coaching Diploma or the Resilience Accreditation Programme run in Great Britain.