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More and more organisations are working with executive coaches to support management and leadership teams to perform at the highest possible level.

In fact, the 6th Ridler Report* indicates that 76% of organisations expect to increase their use of team coaching – significantly more than those who expect to increase their use of one-to-one coaching.

At the AoEC, we lead the way in team coach training through our three-day introductory foundation Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching® as well as our Master Practitioner ICF-accredited Diploma.

We also provide team coaches for organisations through our coaching consultancy services.

Webinar with AoEC Honorary President Professor Peter Hawkins

‘Why people who work with teams need to know about Systemic Team Coaching’ presented by Professor Peter Hawkins is available here:


About Team Coaching

Team Coaching is an effective intervention for teams with managerial or leadership responsibility.

Unlike one-off workshops and team-building away-days, team coaching enables teams to identify and address their challenges over a programme lasting several months, resulting in deeper learning and more sustainable changes. It usually involves coaching the team together as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals.

Through our ‘systemic’ approach, we also facilitate the team in considering the various systems in which they operate. Most team coaching focuses exclusively on the team’s internal ways of working and relationships; Systemic Team Coaching® looks more broadly at the influences and connections outside the team, not just within it.

These wider systems include the team’s direct reports and sub-teams, their internal stakeholders, customers, shareholders – and beyond to the political, environmental, economic, social/cultural and technical systems and which could or should influence them. Exploring these systems is a central theme in our team coaching training programmes.

At the Academy of Executive Coaching, where we’ve been running a Master Practitioner Diploma in Systemic Team Coaching for nearly 9 years, we define Systemic Team Coaching® as:

John Leary-Joyce, AoEC Executive Chair, describes the systemic nature of team coaching in this short video

At a glance

Systemic Team Coaching:

  • Transforms management and leadership teams into high-performing teams
  • Last several months and is far more rigorous than traditional team-building events
  • Promotes alignment on a common purpose and collective leadership
  • Supports effective engagement with stakeholders
  • Focuses the team on the value they can add to their organisation
  • Enables teams to adapt to changes in the operating environment
  • Improves team dynamics and ways of working
  • Enhances how the team learns and develops
  • Was created by expert practitioners including John Leary-Joyce and Professor Peter Hawkins and uses highly regarded tools and models such as the Hawkins’ Five Disciplines model

We have also developed a unique team 360 feedback tool, called Team Connect 360  which is often the starting point for a team and their coach to develop an understanding of the issues they might focus on in a Systemic Team Coaching Programme.

Only people who have completed our Systemic Team Coaching Certificate are accredited to use this powerful online team 360 tool.

Is team coaching the answer to your organisation’s biggest challenges?

In 2019, we conducted unique research into the role team coaching is playing in today’s market. Looking specifically at Systemic Team Coaching, we asked our alumni about the practice, purpose and success factors in offering it to organisational clients. Download a copy of our report here.

Download Report Here

*6th Ridler Report is the world’s leading source of insight into trends in executive coaching, representing the views of organisation sponsors and purchasers of coaching services. The Ridler Report research programme is led by Ridler & Co, a London-based executive coaching practice.

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