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Understanding Self Esteem in Executive Coaching

29th September 2018 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Self esteem has always ended up being consciously talked about with all my clients. I cannot recall a time when…


Executive coaches: Your clients are what they eat!

3rd May 2018 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

A well used phrase "You are what you eat”, began almost 200 years when a Frenchman, Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote:


The Importance of Sleep on our Health and Wellbeing

21st March 2018 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

I would like to inspire you to pay much more attention to sleep!


Executive Coaching and Health: All coach - client relationships are being affected by health

26th February 2018 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

We have established that we are concerned with behaviour change and that means corresponding changes in the brain. So too…


The Brain is our Executive Control Centre but Relies Completely on the Body in which it Lives for its Physical Survival and Wellbeing

23rd January 2018 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

In the article Why being interested in health, recovery and wellness is a game changer for executive coaching we established…


Definitions of words in the Executive Coaching and Health Programme

14th December 2017 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

In the executive coaching and health programme we commonly use various words. Before we continue to explore the relationship between…


Why health, recovery and wellness is a game changer for executive coaching

23rd November 2017 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

In this blog series I will set out support for a simple proposal that may initially fly in the face…


An Interview with Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

23rd November 2017 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

How did the initial idea of integrating ‘health’ into your coaching practice begin?


An introduction to Executive Coaching and Health: Coaching Skills for Wellness, Recovery & Performance

28th September 2017 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

I am delighted to be joining with the AoEC in a new partnership that will provide Executive Coaches a pathway…


Recovery and Wellness Coaching - Principle No 1

22nd September 2016 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

The practice of Recovery and Wellness Coaching rests on four principles. Principle Number 1 is “Recovery and Wellness always comes…


Where is health in the Executive Coaching & Leadership discourse then?

30th August 2016 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

"Any leadership and coaching programme that is not standing first on this ground is out of date in the context…