John Leary-Joyce

John is our CEO and founded the Academy of Executive Coaching in 1999. Previously, he was MD of Gestalt Centre London growing the business fourfold in six years and gaining a Company Director diploma with the Institute of Directors. John is a highly principled leader, drawing on and applying his experience from a long career as a Gestalt psychotherapist, executive and team coach, trainer and supervisor. He is Past President of EMCC UK where his focus was on maintaining standards for coaching and mentoring and building collaboration between the different professional bodies. In 2010 he founded with Peter Hawkins the Systemic Team Coaching programmes. He has an MA in Executive Coaching, is PCC with ICF, qualified supervisor, regular presenter at international conferences and author of Fertile Void, Gestalt Coaching at Work 2014 and co-author of Systemic Team Coaching 2018. His other passion is dancing Tango which links with leadership, coaching and Gestalt.

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The Gestalt Approach - Effortless coaching

22nd February 2022 by John Leary-Joyce

Traditionally we feel compelled to ‘make it better’, to move quickly to ‘fix it’ - jump in with powerful questions…


Systemic Team Coaching Paperback

4th May 2020 by John Leary-Joyce

You can find out much more about running Systemic Team Coaching interventions in the book Systemic Team Coaching by AoEC…


It’s time to stop team building and start team coaching

17th December 2019 by John Leary-Joyce

If the organisational clients you are working with are looking for deeper, more sustainable change, it’s time to look beyond…


First experience of Systemic Team Coaching Programme 系统性团队教练 认证课程…. in China

16th August 2017 by John Leary-Joyce

A personal reflection by John & Judith Leary-Joyce It was with some trepidation that we entered the workroom for day…


Coaching in Brazil - A Ripe and Ready Market

15th May 2012 by John Leary-Joyce

Brazil has to be the next major market for coaching. Not only is it a growing economy with huge resources,…


Press Interview with John Leary-Joyce - Brazil

15th May 2012 by John Leary-Joyce

At what point of someone's career is Coaching necessary?


What is Gestalt?

11th December 2014 by John Leary-Joyce

The German word ‘gestalt’ has no exact English translation, but means something like ‘whole’, ‘complete’ or ‘pattern’. In this article,…


Boxing Gloves for Children?

9th January 2015 by John Leary-Joyce

We had a neighbour’s NY eve party and got engaged in a heated debate between parents about whether or not…


Get Great Results with Effective Teamwork

28th January 2015 by John Leary-Joyce

See special offer Free of Fee Systemic Team Coaching*


Burying the Dead Dogs: A Team Coaching Technique

28th January 2015 by John Leary-Joyce

Teams and groups can be paralysed by secrets and unexpressed resentments. The energy tied up in holding back from expressing…


Could your staff benefit from team coaching?

10th March 2015 by John Leary-Joyce

Hitting on the ideal group dynamic is hard but transformative.


Understanding the Rapid Growth of Team Coaching

3rd August 2015 by John Leary-Joyce

We have to remember that ‘team coaching’ is a new hybrid, emerging out of a wealth of research, experience and…


The Value of Connected Teams

26th February 2016 by John Leary-Joyce

There is extraordinary research by Michael West* demonstrating that well connected hospital surgical teams save lives. I’m sure you also…