Creating a team coaching programme for your organisation

Creating a team coaching programme for your organisation

We provide team coach trainingin-house coaching for teams and tailored coaching consultancy services  for organisations looking to support teams to become high performing, adapt to change or take their performance to the next level.

Organisations are looking for new ways to enable their teams to perform at the highest level.

This is a result of the increasing feeling that many development interventions fail to create high-performing teams or yield long-term results. People attending leadership training programmes often struggle to put what they’ve learned into practice. Team awaydays tend to be too superficial and rarely lead to lasting change. Consultants focus on what a team could do to improve, rather than how to do it – or the underlying issues.

And most team workshops focus only on the relationships within the team and not the critical relationships with stakeholders outside it.

This is why more and more organisations are turning to team coaching to create high-performing teams and to empower, challenge and support an entire team together. With team coaching, a team can improve how it operates, reconnect with its stakeholders, work together more effectively and identify powerful new ways to contribute to its organisation’s success.

Through taking a ‘systemic’ approach, we facilitate the team in considering the various systems in which they operate.

Find out seven things you should know about team coaching.

A partnership to deliver real change

Team coaching programmes last several months (generally 6 – 12 months), during which the team can look in-depth at its opportunities and challenges – and learning has time to become deeply embedded. Team coaching involves coaching the team together through a workshops and interventions such as observing team meetings, as well as one-to-one coaching for individual team members.

Through the AoEC’s ‘systemic’ approach, we also facilitate the team in considering the various systems in which they operate.

Our team of coaching consultants work with you to develop a bespoke programme, through which the team explores their role and purpose, team dynamics and ways of working, stakeholder relationships, and the value they can collectively add to the organisation. A team coaching programme is usually more effective and cost-efficient than one-to-one executive coaching for each team member, as it encourages them to work together and develop collective leadership. For more information click here.