Team Coaching is on the rise: Are you ready to meet the demand?

16th August by Claire Penny

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Team Coaching is on the rise: Are you ready to meet the demand?

The rise of team coaching has huge knock-on effects for organisations big and small. Distinctly different from one-to-one coaching styles, team coaching helps to forge high-performance teams capable of taking on the shifting needs of business.

So what is it?

Professor Peter Hawkins, Honorary President of the AoEC and author of Leadership Team Coaching takes it a step further by looking at Systemic Team Coaching which he describes as:

A process of coaching the whole team when together and apart, over a designated period of time to:

  • Collaborate and learn through difference & diversity
  • Develop collective leadership
  • Align on common purpose
  • Achieve performance objectives
  • Effectively engage with their key stakeholder groups
  • Jointly transform the wider business.

The 6th Ridler Report states that whilst team coaching currently represents just 9% of overall coaching delivered, it is precisely this type of coaching which is expected to grow most strongly over the coming two years. The report stated that:

 “76% of organisations can expect an increase in team coaching to affect them over the next 2 years”

whilst by contrast; only 7% of organisations expect such a vast increase in their external one-to-one coaching over the same time period.

Whilst one-to-one coaching can be a very powerful way of helping improve an individual’s performance and overall wellbeing, team coaching offers more collective benefits which can have an extremely positive effect upon organisations.

Help Build Cohesive Teams

One of the key benefits of team coaching is the ability to create team synergy, capable of handling whatever comes their way in a more agile and effective fashion. High individual performance as provided by one-to-one coaching is great, but team coaching allows coaches to understand the complete picture – and helps them to collaboratively build strategies which suit each team member thus fuelling communicative, effective teamwork.

Change Company Climate

Team coaching has the ability to truly alter a team from within, altering and improving company culture to provide a climate more conducive to mutual understanding and the pursuit and attainment of common goals.  A more empathetic culture which recognises team members as individuals as well as workers is achievable when aided by coaches with the skills required to help change team attitudes.

Fuel Greater Clarity

Greater clarity in teamwork is always productive, as it avoids wasting resources and helps to reassure key management and stakeholders alongside helping all team projects to achieve completion with more speed and overall efficiency.

Provide Coping Strategies

A team coach will be able to aid teams in building effective strategies for conflict resolution and uncertainty in business, helping them to recognise when it may be time to alter existing strategic undertakings, and ultimately aiding in the safeguarding of the business against many of the problems which could strike. The power of team coaching is the ideal tool to help ‘futureproof’ business of all sizes.

Doing our bit

The AoEC is proud to be at the forefront of team coach training. Our Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate and Diploma programme hold international accreditation with the ICF and are run globally through AoEC partners.

The Certificate is a 3-day programme and is designed for team leaders, coaches, consultants or OD/HR specialists who want to proficiently work with teams to improve their effectiveness and to co-create high performing teams. The Certificate is stand-alone or can be taken as module one of the 12 month Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma programme which utilises live team intervention practice in real-time over one year with  a client team.

In order to gather the data from the different team members and stakeholders, before and after the intervention, John Leary-Joyce and Professor Peter Hawkins have designed the Team Connect 360. It is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that works with the Hawkins 5 Discipline Model to assess and evaluate team effectiveness and measure success. This saves considerable amount of time and expense from both the coach and the client. Completion of the 3-day Systemic Team Coaching® Certificate programme licences you to use the tool.

With the research from the 6th Ridler Report being evidenced by an increased requirement for team coach training globally, are you prepared to meet this growing demand?


Follow the link for more information on our Systemic Team Coaching Certificate®.