Jenny Campbell

Jenny is a senior executive coach, resilience researcher and CEO of The Resilience Dynamic®, a business bringing the research findings into the world in an accessible way. She is a renowned public speaker on resilience, and brings her work out through publications and direct work with organisations and communities, and currently leads a research collaboration into Team and Organisational Resilience, using action enquiry as the main research method. Jenny has significant business and organisational experience through her commercial leadership roles in BP Europe, BT and O2. She has also worked in Strategy Consulting, helping high growth businesses. Jenny has led teams all across Western Europe, and has established technology partnerships between UK and USA companies.

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The Resilience Fundamentals: Excerpt from The Resilience Dynamic®

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The fundamentals of resilience are not simplistic, but they are simple and deep. The Resilience Engine research shows three Top…


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How resilience coaching makes the difference: client case study

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A resilience coach is not exactly the same as an executive coach. There are two main differences.


Workforce wellbeing will bite back unless you do it properly

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Episode 5: Resilience coaching in a pandemic

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The Resilience River©

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Resilience - My Story Today

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This morning I was feeling really mixed. It is my son’s birthday and so I was uplifted in his excitement,…


Inside the Resilience Engine room

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Look at this article featured in the Entrepreneur, and particularly it’s title: The Top Stressor for Workers Is Not What…


Too much change, but little to show for it?

31st May 2016 by Jenny Campbell

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