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15th November 2021 by Vicky Routledge

Coaches want to coach - not spend all of their time arranging sessions, sending links, tracking coaching sessions, finding their…


AoEC Estonia is investing in the future - today!

23rd January 2018 by Vicky Routledge

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia and the 30th anniversary of the Estonian Business School, the…


How to beat the January work blues

3rd January 2018 by Vicky Routledge

Christmas is over, so it’s time to put down the chocolates, drag yourself off the sofa and get back to…


How random acts of kindness can transform the workplace environment

29th November 2017 by Vicky Routledge

With workplaces and staff under more pressure than ever, remembering to appreciate your colleagues and engage in random acts of…


Building a Coaching Culture in your Organisation - Are you ahead of the pack, on track or at the back?

29th June 2017 by Vicky Routledge

Guests from a wide variety of organisations joined the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) at The Royal Society in London,…


ICF Announces Changes to ACC and PCC Accreditation Requirements

8th July 2015 by Vicky Routledge

Following a May 21, 2015, vote by the ICF Global Board of Directors, ICF has adopted new requirements for the…


Why would you continue to train to an advanced coach level?

22nd October 2015 by Vicky Routledge

"Becoming a professional, accredited coach is challenging." "It is thought-provoking." "It is more than I expected." "It is life-changing."


“Do Something Different” – a NEW Addition to our Coach Training

7th January 2016 by Vicky Routledge

We all have the tendency to be habit machines. We stick to the same habits and behaviours, the ones we…


8 Reasons The Market for Executive Coaching Continues to Grow

9th February 2016 by Vicky Routledge

Coaching helps individuals and companies focus on what matter most in life and business.


Exploring the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate

17th February 2016 by Vicky Routledge

Mike Smith is the Programme Manager for the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate. Here we ask him what makes the Systemic…