Neil Atkinson

Neil worked in the business world as a digital communications and marketing expert for three decades before moving into coaching and leadership development. An ICF PCC-accredited Advanced Coach, he’s passionate about supporting people to develop themselves, their careers and their potential, as well as helping teams become more effective. Neil has studied positive psychology and mindfulness/meditation and created training programmes in wellbeing and resilience. He brings these interests to his coaching practice and his role as a facilitator on many coaching training programmes.

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The team coach diaries - is stress preventing your team from fulfilling their potential?

14th December 2022 by Neil Atkinson

A quick look at the numbers and it’s clear we have a problem. Stress is now the biggest cause of…


Team coach diaries - oxytocin the key ingredient for a high-performing team?

28th November 2022 by Neil Atkinson

When you’re working as a team coach, it’s beneficial to have different ‘Team Effectiveness’ models up your sleeve. You may…


Team coach diaries - developing your coaching presence

25th October 2022 by Neil Atkinson

Something I've noticed in facilitating team coach training programmes, is that people used to facilitating team workshops frequently assume that…


Team coach diaries - are you clear on the values which inform how you coach?

28th September 2022 by Neil Atkinson

One of the first things that is covered in coach training is the non-directive nature of the coaching conversation.


Team coach diaries - How to scope, plan and cost a team coaching project

31st August 2022 by Neil Atkinson

The situation is pretty predictable. You’ve spoken with a client about how you could support a team’s development through team…


Team coach diaries - it’s good to be a slow coach - why slowing down leads to faster progress

19th July 2022 by Neil Atkinson

Whether I am coaching an individual leader or running a team coaching programme, there are times when I need to…


Team coach diaries - the teams you coach are caught in a systemic web, but are they even aware of it?

21st June 2022 by Neil Atkinson

I recently had an exhilarating morning running a masterclass at the EMCC global conference on the reason why team coaches…


The team coach diaries - exploring team dynamics through the lens of Wilfred Bion

16th May 2022 by Neil Atkinson

We all do curious things when we’re under pressure. Whether you get snappy with your partner, forget important meetings, or…


The team coach diaries - tuning into teams - why the team coach should focus on what lies beneath

26th April 2022 by Neil Atkinson

I was working with a team recently when something happened which reminded me of what the difference between team coaching…


The team coach diaries - team coach or team facilitator?

21st March 2022 by Neil Atkinson

Neil Atkinson takes a look at the difference between team coach or team facilitator.


The team coach diaries – the crucial question of coachability

22nd February 2022 by Neil Atkinson

I’ve recently been in talks with a team about working with them as their team coach – and as always…


Is team coaching the answer to your business’s biggest challenge?

1st November 2018 by Neil Atkinson

In the last few years, team coaching has become one of the hottest trends in leadership development. It’s the fastest-growing…


How to coach a team to be resilient

17th September 2018 by Neil Atkinson

"Coaches should ensure resilience and wellbeing is on the team’s agenda – and have the tools to help them take…


What's behind the growth in team coaching?

19th July 2018 by Neil Atkinson

Team coaching is growing fast as organisations become focused on creating high-performing teams. But what else is behind its success?…


Seven things you should know about team coaching

19th July 2018 by Neil Atkinson

For the last few years, the coaching world has been abuzz with talk of team coaching. With articles in the…


How I learned that great teams are the secret to organisational success

19th July 2018 by Neil Atkinson

Systemic Team Coaching Diploma Graduate Max Gooding charts her route from Organisational Development to Systemic Team Coaching®


Mental Health - is it time to reassess your boundaries?

20th March 2018 by Neil Atkinson

Mental health is one of the big issues organisations face today. So, when it comes to working with people who…


Systemic Team Coaching® Diploma / Interview with Master Certified Coach - Growing a successful coaching business

26th February 2018 by Neil Atkinson

After nearly two decades of coaching, MD of Ascentia and AoEC Alumni Sandra Henson recently gained her ICF MCC accreditation.…